Leap of Faith

Wow! I have only told a handful of people that I have written my first blog post. I feel like I do when I have THAT dream. You know the one where you go to school naked? Yep, terrified and vulnerable. I am praying for 1) the strength to let people know that I am writing AND 2) asking them to check it out. My words. My heart. My soul. For the whole world (or maybe 100 or so people who click click click and read what I have to say) to read. If one or two people get something out of what I have to say, I will consider it a success. Please remind me that I said this when I am curled up in a ball wondering why I can’t single-handedly change the world with my words.

Let me just say that sharing in this way is SO VERY FAR out of my comfort zone. Yesterday, I began to question this leap of faith. I started to believe that I have nothing to offer. I went to that place where I was only focused on what people might think and how many people would hate what I have to say. Then a beautiful thing started to happen. It began with a kind word from a stranger. Then, a wondrous cascade of events that was most certainly a divine intervention started to unfold. In an instant, the fog of doubt started to lift and my purpose was restored.

Our pastor says “if you think something nice, say it”. It sounds simple enough. How many times has your day started out a little gloomy to be turned around by a kind word? Or a compliment?  So thank you to the stranger who was placed in my path yesterday. Your kind words were the act of love needed to change the course of my day. That, and getting my hair done. Am I right?

Be a blessing today.

4 thoughts on “Leap of Faith

  1. I truly believe you are changing the world Jen!! You’ve always been someone that cares for others more than yourself. Too bad we couldn’t make life a musical, though! !


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