Acts of Love

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to every single person who took the time to peek at my blog. Thank you for every comment, compliment, share, text message, phone call and “like”. I am so grateful for your support and thrilled by the opportunity to encourage and inspire you! I am even more excited to see what we can accomplish together through everyday acts of love. 

What are acts of love? Absolutely anything that is kind, encouraging or helpful. The possibilities are limitless. Saying please and thank you (duh! right?), holding the door for someone, smiling, saying hello, writing a thank you note, sending an encouraging text message, being a good listener, praying for someone, praying WITH someone, leaving a great tip, delivering a meal, buying groceries for someone in need, volunteering somewhere, being a great friend… You get the picture.

I have a vision for your journey of generosity. What will begin with simple acts of love throughout your day, will evolve into something greater than you can even imagine. In the beginning, you will demonstrate acts of love where your daily routine would naturally take you. Before long, you will go “out of your way” to help someone in need. Then, you will drive across town because you heard someone could use a helping hand. Next, you will purposefully SEEK opportunities to bless others in the most profound ways. Whether you are crossing the street or crossing the ocean, I can already see that the world will be changed for the better because of you.

Be a blessing today.

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