Best Year Ever

I sincerely hope that these 16 things will make 2016 your best year ever:

  1. Put God first. In your life, in your marriage, in your parenting, in your career, in your schedule.
  2. Pray. Without ceasing. Your prayer is never too big or too small.
  3. Adopt a “word of the year”. This word will become your theme for 2016. In 2015, my word was “generosity”. It has been life-changing.
  4. Establish evening rituals. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow, plan your schedule for tomorrow, check your calendar, go to bed at a reasonable hour.
  5. Master your morning routine. Wake up early, pray/meditate, be active, journal, drink lemon water, eat a healthy breakfast.
  6. Set SMART goals. Every goal should be specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic and time-bound. Set goals for the day, for the week, for the month, for the quarter, for the year. Not just for yourself, but for your marriage, for your family, for your career, for your health, for your finances. Write them down!!
  7. Write a personal mission statement. I mean it- and I would love to help you create it!
  8. Own your calendar. Does your calendar reflect your personal mission statement? Schedule down time. Just because Thursday night at 7:00 is open on your calendar doesn’t mean you are “free” for another activity, another lesson or another meeting. Instead- eat dinner with your family, play with your kids, put on your pjs and watch your favorite sitcom. You are only as busy as you allow yourself to be.
  9. Simplify. Embrace simplicity in all areas of life.
  10. Purge to splurge. For simplicity’s sake – purge your to do list, your schedule, your possessions, your wardrobe… Identify things that you can get rid of, stop doing or avoid in order to have and do things that matter. Make sure your daily habits and routines reflect your personal mission statement.
  11. Be a quitter. When you “purge” your to-do list, quit anything that isn’t in alignment with your personal mission statement. If it is something that you dread, it is a waste of your time and/or it doesn’t bring you joy- QUIT IT!
  12. Load up on the good stuff. Good food, good books, good music, good people.  Allow time for “good stuff” for yourself every single day.  Leave no room for garbage- literally and figuratively.
  13. Embrace abundance. You can’t simultaneously have your best year ever and a scarcity mentality.
  14. Cultivate meaningful relationships. With friends, family, your spouse, your coworkers.
  15. Live generously. Be a cheerful giver of your time, talents and resources.
  16. Demonstrate acts of love every day. Kindness matters. The simplest gesture can mean so much to so many. Change your life and change the world.

Be a blessing today.





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