In 2014, my “word of the year” was serve. In 2015, my “word of the year” was generosity. My word for 2016 is…..drum roll please….LOVE. (I bet you never guessed it when you read the title of this post). The symbol of a heart obviously represents love, but I have never been a “hearts and flowers” kind of girl. In all honesty, I always thought hearts were totally cheesy. Now, I find myself completely out of control with the use of heart emojis. I can’t help myself. I have completely cheesed out. Sometimes I even draw hearts instead of dotting my i’s. Good grief! I need crackers for all of the cheese!

As I have gotten older, I have fallen head over heels in love with LOVE.  The capacity of love within me continues to grow and grow and grow exponentially. There are certainly different types of love. I love God, and my husband, and my son, and my parents, and my friends, and Bono, and Oprah, and Martin Luther King, Jr., and Jen Hatmaker, and Christine Caine, and popcorn, and Dr. Pepper, and drummers, and bad reality TV and mechanical pencils. In no particular order (lol). Sometimes I/we say “love” in a very cavalier way.

My ultimate goal in 2016’s focus on love is for God’s love to pour out of me on a daily basis. Some days I will fail miserably. I might fail miserably in traffic, or in line at the store, or when technology fails me (user error, I know). But, as a general rule, I want to spread love like butter on a hot biscuit. Mmmm, I love biscuits.

I aspire to commit as many acts of love in a day, week, year as possible. Daily acts of love are a healthy habit. One act of love can create a ripple. Daily acts of love can create a tidal wave! How is an act of love different from an act of kindness? I perceive an act of love as an act of kindness ON STEROIDS! The difference between the two is in the intention and the source. I can’t exactly put it into words, but when you feel it – you will know.

Bonus: Since 2014 (when serve was my word) Jason Gray’s song “With Every Act of Love” has been my JAM / my theme song. Listen to it- I mean REALLY listen to it.



Be a door today. This only makes sense if you listened to the song.


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