Putting God First

I submitted the following post to “Life.Church Sisters”. I was humbled and honored when  they posted it on February 1st!! I wanted to share it with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it.

In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” – Proverbs 3:6 (TLB)

I started the year with my morning routine established, resolutions written, new bible plan selected and house organized. What a great feeling of accomplishment. Each day I was plugging right along marking items off of my to do list. Everything seemed to be going my way. Then one morning, everything just felt a little “off”. From the moment I poured the wrong cereal, the day was an epic failure.

In order to pursue knowing Him more intimately, I established a daily goal to put God first. Literally. I resolved to start each morning with prayer and scripture. In all honesty, some mornings it is nothing more than a quick prayer as I am hopping out of bed and reading the “verse of the day”.

Putting God first is what was missing on “that” morning. I accomplished all of my tasks except for the most important one. I had crawled out of bed without even a moment of pause for prayer. I grabbed my phone with the intent to read the verse of the day. A notification had popped up. Instead of clicking on the Bible app, I clicked on the notification (darn distractions). I carried on with my routine without the one thing that would have properly prepared my heart, mind and soul for the day. Those precious moments were lost and the rest of my day suffered because of it.

Does spending time with God every morning in a legalistic, if not superstitious, way guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen to you? Does it guarantee that you will make all of the green lights and get the best parking spots? No, absolutely not. However, there is power and purpose in the order of things. Take it from me- intentionally putting Him first in your morning routine is a springboard for your best days.

If we truly desire to know Him more intimately, we will seek Him. When we seek Him, we will make our relationship with Him a priority. In order to cultivate our relationship with Him, we will put Him first in all things.

Are you struggling to put God first?

How do you think your life will change when you put God first?

What action steps will you take to cultivate a more intimate relationship with God?

***This video is not part of the original post. It is a simple illustration of why it is important to put God first. There is power in the order of things.***

Be blessed today.

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