If compliments are life giving, complaints are the opposite. Well,  complaints won’t necessarily kill you, but they sure are a major downer! I am 100% guilty of complaining. I am a positive person, but I admit that I complain too much. Have you noticed how many people seem to have made a habit of complaining? People complain about spouses, kids, work, school, finances, etc. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all break that habit? We would all be happier and the world would be a more positive place.

Over the next 24 hours, take inventory of your complaint quota. Keep track of the number of times you complain about anything. Then track your improvements over the next week. I am reminded of a story from years ago about a pastor who started a campaign to end complaining. It really took off! It involved a purple bracelet. Each day  would begin with the purple bracelet on one wrist and it would be switched to the other side anytime “the wearer” would complain. The goal was to go 21 days without having to move the bracelet to the other wrist. In other words, NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT ANYTHING FOR 21 DAYS! Can you imagine? How amazing! And how intimidating!

How on earth are we supposed to completely eliminate complaining? If I can’t complain about my hair, my clothes, my busy schedule, lazy people, the sound of people eating, people watching videos on their phone in public without earbuds, traffic, the cost of cable t.v., Kim and Kanye, losing my wifi signal… what will I do with all of the extra time and energy?

We should spend that “found time” programming ourselves to switch our thinking and ultimately eliminate complaints from our verbal repertoire. Words have power! Consider adding positive affirmations to your morning routine. Like these:

  1. I am a positive thinker.
  2. I effortlessly deal with negative situations.
  3. I am optimistic.

I am hopeful that this simple tweak will have a profound impact on your life, and mine.

Be a blessing today!





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