Treat Yo Self


If you are a fan of Parks and Recreation, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Donna Smeagle and Tom Haverford called “Treat Yo Self” the best day of the year. I will argue that we need to “treat ourselves” waaay more often than once a year. When we forget to take care of ourselves, we ultimately pay the price (and our loved ones do, too).

We’ve all heard the flight attendant say “in the event of a loss of cabin pressure, put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others”. We know we have to take care of ourselves first so we can take care of others, but it is SO HARD!!

Have you seen the video of the mom who bought a Chewbacca mask for herself as part of her “birthday joy”? I am in love with her smile, her laugh and all of the joy that radiates from her. While recording the video and struggling to get the mask out of the package (we know all about that don’t we moms and dads?), she said something that I found particularly powerful. She said, “Stay patient. This is gonna be worth it. I promise.”

When you see her laughing hysterically, you know that “treating herself” to that silly mask (even struggling to get it out of the package) was TOTALLY worth it. A simple treat that brought her joy!


You have to take care of yourself consistently because 1) YOU are worth it and 2) so many people are depending on you.

I challenge you to commit to one, two, three or ALL of the following:

  1. Be grateful
  2. Have fun
  3. Laugh out loud
  4. Eat well
  5. Drink tons of water
  6. Commit to 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week
  7. Schedule a physical
  8. Talk to a friend
  9. Journal
  10. Pray and meditate
  11. Take a break from social media
  12. Listen to your favorite music
  13. Read great books
  14. Listen to inspirational podcasts
  15. Be generous
  16. Create a vision board (In the Tulsa area? Check out
  17. Create a sanctuary space in your home
  18. Get a massage- treat yo self
  19. Get a mani pedi- treat yo self
  20. Buy a Chewbacca mask – treat yo self

That thing that you are struggling with, you will get through it. Stay patient. It’s gonna be worth it. I promise!

Take care of YOU today. You are a blessing.


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