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When I started my blog in October I was totally clueless. I recently discovered (following multiple requests) how to enable readers to follow my blog. See what I mean- I was totally clueless. I probably should have figured that out on day 1. So…here is the huge favor: if you haven’t already,  please scroll down on the right side of this page and click “follow jennmilroydotcom”. It would mean the world to me.

Now- back to our regularly scheduled program:

It’s June. How are those New Year’s resolutions workin’ out for ya? Ha!Ha! I am so sorry. I hope you didn’t throw your phone, iPad, lap top or milkshake across the room when you read that. The great news is this: you can set monthly goals, weekly goals and even daily goals. Each day is a blank slate.


I am an avid goal setter. Do I accomplish every goal I write down? HECK NO!!! But, I accomplish more goals than I would if I  1) didn’t set them 2) didn’t write them down.

In addition to being an avid goal setter. I am also an epic failure. I mean EPIC! Here is a great example. I am not proud to say it, but this is how it has gone down year after year:

January 1 – Cue the fitness goals. Work out, eat healthier blah, blah, blah. No dice.

On or around February 1st –  I am in the check out line at Target with more than my fair share of processed foods in my cart. I spot the fitness mag with the twenty-year-old celebrity “it  girl” du jour on the cover with the headline “now is the time to get bikini ready”.  I  buy it, read it, flip through it and even tear out some pages. No dice.

Fast forward to March 1st- My spring clothes feel a little tight. I’ll fix that. I just read somewhere about this great workout to get in shape for summer over the next 3 months. Fantastic! Just 150 minutes of exercise a week and no junk food. It will be so easy! No dice.

End of April- My legs are so pale. I think if I just got a little sun, I would look a lot better.

May 1st- I am in the check out line at Target (with too many processed foods in my cart) I spot the fitness mag with the 35-year-old supermodel who gave birth to her 5th child last month and is now ripped and chiseled on the cover with the headline “3 weeks to bikini ready”. Fantastic! I haven’t waited too long- I only need 3 weeks!! I buy it, read it, flip through it and even tear out some pages. No dice.

June 1st- Pool day. It would have been a GREAT idea to embrace ANY of the exercises I read about or to skip at least ONE of those drive thru meals. It must be the baby weight. He’s 11-years-old, but he DID weigh almost 10 pounds!

Then something amazing happened.

Lo and behold… within the past few weeks, I have actually set AND ACHIEVED a fitness goal. I discovered that the missing link was a need to change my mindset. In reality, I’m not motivated by seeing skinny models on magazine covers. I AM motivated by the promise of increasing energy and boosting brain power/mental clarity.

thinking and results feedback


I am also motivated  by the fact that increased energy, brain power and mental clarity = increased ability to make a greater impact. Just as with money, the more you have, the more you have to GIVE.

My husband and I both set some healthy goals during a recent “date night with a purpose” (I created a self-guided worksheet for couples that I will happily e-mail to you if you contact me).

I committed to  20-30 minutes of walking each morning. As I was writing down specific actions steps, I initially considered walking Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Then it dawned on me… I know myself better than that. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will roll around and I will think of 42 good reasons not to get up and walk. Instead, what works best for me, is to create a daily habit.

Another thing I know about myself, is I need to increase the perceived value of that time spent walking. Presto-during my walks, I listen to my You Version bible app and my favorite podcasts (this is called the strategy of pairing). It’s a modern day MIRACLE! I never in a million years thought I would look forward to my morning walk as much as I look forward to my morning Dr. Pepper! Don’t judge me.

What is the one goal you continue to struggle with?

How might changing your mindset help you achieve it?

What motivates you to achieve it?

How might the strategy of pairing help you establish a new daily habit?

How might achieving it enable you to bless others?


Bonus video: Here is Gretchen Rubin, my favorite “habit guru” talking about the strategy of pairing. I use this strategy with my new morning walk habit.


Be a blessing today.

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